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IMPORTANT: Venue change on 1st June 2022!


Temporary Venue change on

Wednesday 1st June 2022

Our lovely Harbourmaster venue is booked on Wednesday 1st June 2022. We always do our best to keep consistency, but sometimes it is beyond our control.

Not to worry! We will not cancel the classes. We have a great replacement venue to accommodate everyone.

Liffey Trust Studios - Studio 1

Below you will find all of the information needed about the upcoming change.


The classes are moved from Harbourmaster to Liffey Trust Studios for the 2 days on 24th and 25th May.
  • By Car - only 5 min drive from Harbourmaster

  • By Foot - 18 min walking from Harbourmaster

  • By Luas - only 10 min from Harbourmaster and the Luas is right outside

Classes & Timetable

There are no changes to classes or times. So there are no changes there.
Only thing to keep in mind it is a studio and they have limited time for us in the room due to other bookings. So please arrive on time and we will need to vacate the premises on time.

Dance Social

Due to the fact that the venue is situated near apartments as well as having a closing time of 10 pm, we decided not to have a social after the classes. We are as sad as you not to be able to dance after classes, but perhaps we can grab a drink in the bar nearby and have a different kind of social :)
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