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NEW Term Date for Salsa Line and Bachata from 23rd May 2022!

Updated: May 11, 2022


New Term for Salsa Line and Bachata

starting from 23rd May 2022

We are starting our New Term for Salsa Line Style and Bachata on 23rd May 2022. That means great news to our current Level 2 students who are close to the finish line for completing their journey and moving to Level 2+ and even better news for those who are about to complete their learning process in Level 1 Fundamentals and ready to be graduated to Level 2!

This article is going to help our current students to understand what they need to do next when the new term date comes.

New Term Dance styles

From 23rd May 2022, The New Term will begin only for Salsa Line style and Bachata!
Cuban Salsa Term began 3 weeks ago, so the new Term is still approximately 7 weeks away.

That means if you are in Level 1 Fundamentals or Level 2 Salsa Line style or Bachata student, get ready to move to the next level.

What happens in 2 weeks?

I am in Level 1 Essentials. What should I do when I complete the 5 week course?

This level is fully packed with a lot of useful information and essential dance moves. Since it is 5 weeks only when you complete the course be sure that you are confident about what you learned. The next Level 1 Fundamentals is much more technical, so if you feel that you are not ready to take on more information, there is no shame in doing the 5 weeks course again. That will make you stronger in your basics to move forward.

I am in Level 1 Fundamentals (Level 1+). When do I know I can move to next level?

I am in Level 2. How should I know if I am ready to move to Level 2+?

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