Born in Havana, Cuba - the birthplace of Latin beats and rhythms. Abel has over 25 years of experience dancing and has thought in Dublin and Stockholm since 1997.


Deep passion for Latin American music and dance has developed Abel's broad understanding and appreciation for a variety of Latin genres and unique dancing techniques. Since getting a taste of salsa dancing at the age of 15, his journey through music hasn't stopped. Positivity and energy are what Abel will deliver with his partner Alina in his carefully crafted dance lessons to make you the dancer you want to be.

His recent interest is learning to play the bongos.




During Alina's childhood and teenage years she played 4 instruments, graduated from music school, studied acting and  Lithuanian folk dancing. This acquired knowledge and years spent playing in and touring with the orchestra as a percussionist has shaped her holistic understanding of music and dance.


In 2014 Salsa and Bachata became her huge passion. Strong musical knowledge and an ability to analyse dance moves in a technical way allowed Alina to create a powerful recipe for success which she now transmits to the students.

Alina together with her partner Abel, combined experiences and passion for dancing will undoubtedly bring you a technique packed lessons every time.





Life philosophy KAIZEN. Born in Quito-Ecuador. His dance journey started in January 2017 as a complete beginner. He fell deeply in love with Salsa, and the subsequent year he diversified into Bachata. Since then his major focus has been in developing into a skilful dancer, practising with several teachers and schools in Dublin. However, Alina and Abel saw his passion and commitment and took him under their wing to be part of the DSA family. His work ethic and passion lead him to be a teacher and performance in many dance events around Ireland. However, his passion is not only salsa and bachata but design, marketing, and business strategies all of which have influenced the development of DSA. 



Kyrie grew up in a blended Venezuelan & Texan family in Austin, Texas listening and dancing to Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa, and many other Latin rhythms. At 18 years old, she entered the Latin dance world & found her passion. She loves dancing a variety of styles, including Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Zouk.


Kyrie continues to train consistently and work hard to always improve her dance technique and bring the best material possible for her students. As Kyrie describes: “as a dancer, you’re never finished learning.” Her teaching methods bring out the best in her students. Her warmth, energy, and passion for what she does drive her to care about every single one of her students. She’s here for you to become the best dancer you can be.





Miguel is originally from Seville, Spain where Latin dances are widely accepted and where international dancers such as Daniel & Desiree, Darío & Sara, Korke & Judith have emerged.


A sports and fitness fanatic, as he is a personal trainer as well, he started dancing in 2017, when with no previous dance experience he decided to try it and it quickly became his passion. With effort and perseverance, he continues progressing to the present training really hard with Dublin Salsa Academy and his fellow instructors. Miguel believes that no matter how hard and frustrating sometimes it can be, in dance as in life, it’s not about how good you are, but about the passion and effort you put into your dreams.



Barbara aka Dada has had a passion for music and dancing from a young age. She got the basics of Croatian National Dance in primary school, as well as synchronized swimming classes. In middle school, she performed as a part of an acting group, thus developing her on-stage presence. Parallel to this, Barbara studied music for 5 years where she deepened her understanding of musicality. She danced International Ballroom (Standard) and International Latin from 2010, as well as joined several street style classes as a way to implement the movement techniques into her couple dancing. After moving to Ireland, Barbara decided to broaden her dance spectrum by learning and teaching Salsa and Bachata, passionate to carry forward her knowledge and love of dancing.



Born in India, Kulin had an affinity for dancing since childhood. While he got his training from dance forms like Bollywood, Hip-Hop in India, he started Latin Dancing in 2014 in Dublin and since then it has never been looking back.

Kulin is passionate about various Latin forms, including, Salsa (Cuban & LA), Bachata, Kizomba, Cha-cha and more. He attends a number of dance congresses and socials as he believes events like this are very beneficial to get more and more exposure. He loves to add his own style while dancing and aspires to continue learning while sharing his experience and knowledge with many others as an instructor at Dublin Salsa Academy. When he is not dancing then you can find him running, cycling, hiking or adding new moves in his kitty.





Born in Bulgaria, but moved to Kilkenny, Ireland.

Her dance journey began with Irish dancing in primary school years. A strong passion for Tap Dancing during the teenage years. Other styles: Jazz, Hip Hop.

A summer holiday in Italy introduced her to the magic of Cuban salsa dancing and Ruedas. In Ireland she began training in Cuban Style and through hard work, quickly excelling and helping to teach classes and prepare performances. In Dublin she has trained with several dance schools in the city, improving her technique. She took on a range of classes, including ballet fitness, performance training, specific dance training workshops and classes in different salsa styles-both for solo and couple. She has performed in several dance events throughout Ireland, in Galway, Cork and Dublin with several performance groups.




Paul's roots go back to Romania where he took up hip-hop at the age of 8. In his teens, the age of 15, he started breakdance and also moved into contemporary including different styles since then.

Paul has never been shy and participated in various dance competitions & battles throughout the years.

His various skills have been upgraded when he choreographed in dance tours throughout Romania and was a backup dancer for various Romanian music bands. Since moving to Dublin and felling in love with salsa and bachata, he never looked back since.

Paul hopes to continue developing his unique style and inspire others to push the boundaries of the contemporary / hip-hop fusion into salsa & bachata. 



For Harsha, dancing is not just a passion or hobby, it is her favourite place to be, the best way she can express herself.

From performing in school as a kid to participating in various stage shows all her life, she loves spending her time training in various dance forms. Her first memory of dancing goes back to the time when she was 4 years old and won in a kids dance competition in her school. Born in India, she has grown on Bollywood music and dance.

Her love for Latin Dance – Salsa and Bachata started in 2016 where she also won an award for a Group Salsa Performance in a competition.

Harsha is particularly passionate about Bachata dancing and believes she can do a body roll even in her sleep. She also believes that the learning never stops for a dancer and when she is not dancing she is thinking about the next time she will be on the dance floor and try the new move she recently rehearsed. Harsha loves meeting people and is extremely enthusiastic about spreading the knowledge she has acquired in so many years of learning and dancing.



Hailing from a country well known for its rich culture, Kalika was introduced to the dancing world at a young age of 7. With years of passionate and vigorous training in an Indian Classical Dance form called “Kathak”, she attained a Graduate degree from the most prestigious Performing Arts university in India. She has given numerous performances throughout her dance career and has been awarded for her accomplishments in national-level competitions.

The diversity of the dance world took to Kalika when she participated in various dance festivals, where she trained in Baroque (Poland) and Flamenco (Spain). She believes that learning and exploring new dance styles can help a dancer grow more gracefully and enhance their level of expertise, musicality and rhythm. She discovered Salsa and Bachata with the Dublin Salsa Academy 9 months ago and has never looked back since!

She has a jolly and jovial manner about her and always looks forward to meeting new students and dancing new dances!





Born in Poland. Moved to Dublin in 2005. For few years trained pole dancing till in January 2018 she joined the DSA. Her favourite dance styles include bachata, kizomba, jive,lindy-hop and west coast swing. She is a concierge in our dance school and the first person you meet when you come through the door at DSA.