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The Cuban style of salsa, the original style (also known as Casino) - the couple moves in a more circular fashion and there is no fixed-line. There are a lot of "knots" with the hands.
The Cuban style is more casual and relaxed, the moves are executed in a manner of walking, the L.A style is more structured and mechanical in the movements. Both styles are beautiful (read more on L.A. Line style below).
In Dublin Salsa Academy you can take advantage of learning this style from a native Cuban himself, who is the co-founder of the dance school.


The Los Angeles style of salsa is danced in a more linear fashion - the couple is constantly changing directions of a line and switching the direction they face. The L.A style is more difficult compared to Cuban style. It is more difficult because there are more moves to do in a shorter time, you have to be fast. It includes also fast spins.
Although the L.A style is faster, some may find it easier than the Cuban style because it is more "technical". 

Currently, Line style salsa is most popular in Dublin, however, Cuban style community is growing so it is good to know both.



Bachata is not Salsa but it is very popular in the Salsa clubs. In some clubs, Bachata songs are 40% of the playlist.
Bachata is a very beautiful and sensual dance, the rhythm is different from Salsa. It is easier than salsa in some way but it requires practice. If you are advanced, you do a lot of cool body waves with the body.
At Dublin Salsa academy strongest emphasis is on good execution of moves and clear leading techniques.

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