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The humble beginnings of Dublin Salsa Academy started in 2015 by a group of dancers from the local Latin dance scene.

Today, the DSA as you know it has been restructured and is directed by its co-founders and a well known dance couple in Dublin dance community - Alina and Abel.

The couple have first met on the dance floor in Dublin. Not long and their passion for each other grew into a unified passion for dancing and teaching together. They have spent 4 years training heavily to improve and perfect their techniques. Wide range of musical skills and the love for attention to detail have shaped their primary focus for technicality, easy moves and a common sense approach based on the simplicity of basics foundation.  

DSA family has grown to a team of 8 in the recent year, acquiring some great and charismatic dance instructors. The team trains hard each week putting in extra hours to deliver fun yet knowledgeable dance material which is fluid throughout the various levels. 

At Dublin Salsa Academy we are proud of our dance instructors who work as a one big family always supporting each other and growing together, nurturing all of our students in their dancing journey.

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

Our Mission

At DSA we strive to nurture every student from their first steps through to the complex dance patterns. 

Well structured lessons with focus on technique will confidently give students the tools to progress.

And as any new thing requiring memory and lots of practice needs a little fun time to relax. Our great dance instructors are experts at combining fun and serious into a recipe for a great class.


Our Vision

We are committed to providing the public with a space where you can feel a part of a supportive and fun community. 

Every learning process has to follow by the results and this is exactly what we strive! Our vision at DSA is the fulfillment of your personal vision with us.

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